working on shabby pink flowers

I’m working on a collection of painted flowers. I’m typically not much of a ‘pink’ person I guess, but I love flowers, in pink, all shades of pink!! I’ve really never met a flower I didn’t like, come to think about it. I can grow vegetables of all kinds and every year we have a garden and I always look forward to getting my hands dirty, but I’ve never had much luck growing flowers … except for the kind (like wildflowers) that you can just throw any old where and voila’ you have beautiful blooms. Those are by far my favorite to grow. But if I could grow roses, I would or Dahlias, oh my!!
I will be giving away a similar original pink floral painting in the near future, as a celebration for finally getting my website up and going. So be sure to keep checking back for details on entering to win you very own original!!

Painting Pink Flowers

warm weather and springtime thoughts, something new




Flowers and Cake are all I have on my mind, I know strange right? It’s the warm air the last few days, a break from the zero degree icy weather that has thawed my hands and my creative energy. I’m excited about my new ideas (hush hush for now), but stay tuned.  Here’s a painting I finished last night, more to come!

The art of Getting unstuck.


Is it just me or is there something about the ice and winter that make you feel a little stuck? Not only stuck but more critical of myself. I have chosen to start this new journal, I am going to take a chance here and be more open. Hoping this could help you as much as me.

Winter here in the Appalachian mountains can be unpredictable, for instance they call for 4 inches of snow last week and we didn’t see anything and a few days ago, then we had a small ice storm without warning (photo above).

I can see the positive spots of winter, the beautiful first fallen snow,being cozied  up to the wood stove, dogs at foot   and watch a movie or read a book. I journal more and I have more time to plot and plan my next project.

But there were days filled with tears of frustration, when praying helps more than anything else.  

We have been going through major family transitions (not pretty), throw teens in the mix and working for yourself, well… mamas out there know, it can be a real mess! It can be like being in a small ice storm without warning.

I have found that during major life transitions it’s best to keep things as simple as possible and take good care of yourself with gentle exercising (I like to walk or do Pilates). Taking herbs that help your mood, St. John’s Wart, Maca and DHEA work best for me and surround yourself with caring supportive friends and family.


A few other goodies that always help keep me feeling good (especially good to take during the winter months).

Art always helps and sometimes it’s just color therapy more than anything.

I kept journaling too, pouring my heart out on the pages instead of the blog.

I continued to be active in online creative groups (at times forcing myself), because I know part of the answers lie within the creative side of my brain and I must exercise that side…and don’t forget to take time to play, play, play.

creating a dream board

Surprising answers came when journaling, painting, writing, meditating, praying, taking long walks and exploring and especially when creating new dream boards.

During this time I had a huge urge to run away and start over somewhere new, doing something completely different. I was overwhelmed and wanted to escape my surroundings. Let’s scrap everything and start something completely new I would tell Brian. My sweet husband always knew the right things to say to keep me grounded.

So I continued my creative exploring & play with journaling. Everything pointed to the fact I still very much loved my little farm, living in the country, gardening, writing, living a creative lifestyle, creative business and all the other things that have become me.

Everything pointed me to loving the very place I’m already at (minus the stuck and depression).

So why did I feel I needed to scrap everything and start over with a new agenda, new website, new everything?

Ah, this is where the simplest answer emerged….I was growing.
My business was growing.
And this was the cocoon stage (much like winter).

It can be a painful and uncomfortable spot.

It wasn’t time to scrap everything and start over.

It was time to make room for things to grow and blossom.
This would take time. It would take patience.

It was time to nurture what was already inside and be kind to myself through all the transitions. Continuing to create and give yourself time to explore through what ever means work for you, just give it time.

Holiday stress reliever

Sometimes, especially around the holidays your skin and our mood can take a real beating. It’s a combination of stress, eating habits being a bit off and weather changing (the cold can make skin dry and itch more).

I know when times get really hectic I find these are the best ideas to take care of mindset and my skin:

1. Hydrotherapy, Baby!  I know everyone says it, but it’s true. What works to calm a baby typically will work to calm our nerves too, so why not try just 15 minutes soaking in a warm bath. Water (hydrotherapy) has been used for years to relax muscles, repair skin damage and calm our nerves. An epsom salt bath can be very relaxing and healing.

For added peace of mind add essential oils like Lavender Palmarosa or Geranium (or a combination) to your bath water (try 20 drops in the bath).

2. Stretch and go for a small walk.

The great outdoors and fresh air can help renew our energy, if only for five minutes just get out and get your body moving.

3. Snuggle up to your pets.

My pups are always aware when I’m not feeling top notch and they instinctively want to cuddle, so why not? Pet therapy is used in nursing homes and hospitals now to help brighten someone’s day. I love that I can vent to Spot and he doesn’t care, he listens and still loves me!

4. Enjoy a green smoothie.

This has been increasingly on my daily to do list, mainly because I don’t always get the nutrition I need during a hectic day and this is a fun way to get some of those important vitamins that help the brain function better and give me energy..whoooa!

5. Put on some tunes!

Depending on my mood, sometimes just listening to my favorite music can help soothe the savage beast :) and put a smile on my face. Go ahead dance around the house, it will at least make the kids giggle and silly is a good way to get rid of the blahs!

Enjoy this great scrub recipe, you can make right at home and use it once a week to revive your skin…enjoy!

In a small cup combine the following…

1/4 cup Sea Salts

a few tablespoons of Grated all natural soap

Essential Oil of Lavender (5 drops) or any favorite essential oil

3-5 Tablespoons of Olive Oil (or sweet almond oil, jojoba oil…whatever is handy)

(Optional) Rose petals and vitamin E or Aloe Vera 

Mix well and apply to wet skin. Gently scrub and rinse. It’s a great way to combine healing for your skin and aromatherapy is great for healing your mood.

Sometimes I keep a little jar of this blend by the sink, it’s perfect for men to use on their hands to get off all the grime, and it’s natural!! If using for a cleaning scrub for your man, try using orange essential oil.

long gone


The warmer carefree days of summer are now long gone and flip flops are officially replaced by boots the longing to grab a good book, a cup of hot tea and hibernate in my tiny cottage I call home.


I have a favorite season, like most people do…mine is Fall or maybe the first snow fall. The first snow fall is a season all it’s own, even though it only lasts a day. The hush that falls over the woods when the snow begins is magical and I always grab my snow boots and camera and go exploring and snapping pictures, because even the simplest tree looks beautiful with a light coat of snow on it. Then it’s time to retreat inside, sit by the wood stove and warm my bones. Scents of fresh baked breads and cookies sprinkled with cinnamon, always dance through my head and before long I’m in the kitchen baking some goodies!

a3870114cd1311e2a2f822000a9e0707_7My long walks down the dirt road have waned, and I have replaced them with looking for new projects to get into. A girl can’t plunge into to work all the day long and never come up for air, even if it is our busiest time of year. But that’s the benefits of having your own business I would say…you can call the shots and decide when you need a break and how long the break lasts and where and what you will do. Often times I dabble in the paint or Brian and I head to the movies to see the new flick. Ha, and I have about an hour until we head off to the theater tonight, just enough time to share a few of my favorite photos with you, that I captured this summer and fall.

Picture 1946



heartcherished moments.

little things

Country RoadsJust before sunset I take a much needed break after a long day…down these country roads I have a restored love for this countryside again. Winding country roads and unseen patches of wildflowers to the public eye, there’s nothing more beautiful to me and without those moments, it’s like being without God. Take a moment in every day to stop and notice the little things, it makes all the difference.